See-Through Japanese Schoolgirl Lingerie Is A Great Way To Get Kicked Out Of Class

Oddity shop and bookstore Village Vanguard has always been open to carrying eccentric products, but over the years they’ve garnered a reputation for tapping into staples of Japanese fashion to fill out their wardrobe offerings. 

Tapping into the classic sailor uniform look, Village Vanguard is now selling a new lingerie set, only this time it’s a see-through Japanese schoolgirl lingerie set.Typically Village Vanguard advertises its themed lingerie sets as apparel that doubles as a hot cosplay item

While not exactly something you might want to walk around in at a convention, this schoolgirl motif lingerie four-piece set is likely to be a hit with many Japanese cosplay models on Twitter. The set comes with a triangular bra and g-string, but the set’s most instantly identifiable feature is the sailor-style schoolgirl themed top flop and necktie

While Japanese school uniform color codes can depend on the school, the set comes in a standard white and blue typical of many schools. Village Vanguard writes that the outfit is supposed to straddle the line between “kawaii” and “sexy”, offering a lingerie set for when you just can’t make up your mind between the two.

Village Vanguard currently sells the outfit on their online site for 3,456 yen, although they unfortunately only ship domestically in Japan. Many times their items end up on Amazon or Rakuten, so keep a look out there or proxy shops like Japan Trend Shop.