Ram Gopal Varma claims that the making of his latest film ‘26/11’ has bring lot of behavioral change in him and the same been noticed by the people around, seems has returned to his old temperaments and attitude. In his latest interacttion with media, he spoke in his ‘a cut above rest’ style.

He said he don’t need friends or like to be emotional dependent seeking a shoulder to cry on. He said he always feel himself a superman and a superman never needs a shoulder to cry upon. He said he can’t spare time for social gatherings or parties because, he is always busy either making or watching the movies. I spend time with people only when they are working for my film yet never try or let them allow share an attachment in any manner. He opined taking big stars with their baggage will make him breathless. He said he is quite comfortable with small time artists or even prefers fresh for a smooth go.
RGV is currently working on sequel of his yesteryear super hit movie ‘Satya’ made in the background of underworld dons and their group wars. Tollywood actor Sharvanand is playing the lead role in this movie.