Reason : V V Vinayak not said about Rajamouli on Nayak Audio function

Everybody knows upto now no body crossed Magadheera records in TOI. Still Magadheera is in number one position. Even Gabbar Singh also not crossed that. However the hit was given by the great director SS Rajamouli for Charan. After that block buster movie hot gossip sorrounded in industry that there were some hidden ego feelings came out for director and Ram charan teja.The bitter truth is the movie was created vibration in TOI because of Rajamouli and Ramcharan. 

We can not give the credit to only one. Even share khan (Srihari) also done well.Coming to news, To create evidence for that ego feeling here again it is proved. Ram charan teja's Upcoming movie NAYAK audio released 17th Dec.We found Srinu vaitla, Mehere Ramesh, VV Vinayak, Boyapati Srinu, Vamsi Paidipally and at last S S Rajamouli.So, Here V V vinayak not thanked Rajamouli for being competition in industry. It is proved that he is feeling huge competition from S S Rajamouli and he is trying to cross the Magadheera record with his latest flick Nayak.Good news from funciton is there is no war between inner Mega family proved by appearance of Pawan Kalyan.

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